My Story

Robert S. Harris

Product Manager & Product(UX) Designer & Developer

Hi! I'm Robert Harris. I am a Product Manager & Product/UX Designer. I have worked for large brands and start-ups successfully identifying user problems and pain-points and delivering products and solutions for their customers and accomplishing business goals. My previous titles have been Web Producer, Diogital Producer, Web Designer and Front-End Developer in which I have worked in collaboration with stakeholders, and cross-functional teams to deliver and launch solutions.

My love for design began as a child where I would sketch for hours, and I developed a love for drawing characters and creating figures with clay. I was always trying to create something new and interesting. That creative interest evolved into music, video and photography, so when the Web became ubiquitous it was obvious how tech, business and creative work would merge into an interactive experience. I did not realize it at the time but that was my first insight into the world of user experience.

My degree in business trained me to think about marketing, management, statistics, and the challenges involved with succeeding in business. I learned to develop websites, and then I learned online video production, photography and how to translate compositions into code.

WorldShaker Interactive was founded to solve a problem that my cousin and I had identified, wrote a complete business plan for and designed a mock-up. Our plan did not get funded but I see it everytime I visit SoundCloud. I'm not saying that they stole our plan, but their business model for artists is basically what we had developed. Glad to see that our assumptions proved to be right and a solution for many independent artists and users to enjoy unsigned artists.

I am still designing soltuons to problems and who knows may come up with another idea that can shake the world. But, for now, I am happy to share my skills with companies small, medium and large to help them deliver better user experiences to their customers.