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Publishers and brands ad campaign management and data visualization dashboard solution.


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  • Information Architect & Research

What I Did

My principal role was Information Architect and I collaborated on research and visual design. I drew low fidelity sketches in our design studio workshop, designed site maps, user flows, and conducted usability testing to validate prototypes.


About This Project

Fade Technology is an early-stage startup with a team of entertainment technology, payments, and digital leaders from leading companies. Fade Technology provides the quickest way to embed the next-generation of shoppable media on the digital publisher and streaming service platforms. It is a cloud-based platform that enables digital publishers to monetize editorial, sponsored, advertorial, and original video content natively. It allows a new e-commerce experience that lets viewers instantly discover and buy products directly from the video on the platform they are on, without redirects.

The Problem

Fade Technology Solutions needs an admin UI for their clients so that they can easily track and manage their sales data and campaign metrics.


The Project Brief

The Fade executives and technology teams came to us with a detailed project brief, inclding how their system worked for publishers, agencies, brands and admins and examples of Facebook Business Suite and Snapchat's Business dashboard. We did not have access to user info, nor could we interview users since their users are their business clients.

Fade did part of our Double Diamond work for us and we just needed to build on what they provided and begin with competitive and comparative analysis then moved to sketches and low-fidelity wireframing based on the examples.

Competitive Analysis

Campaign managment solutions and administrative dashboards are nothing new. Many companies, such as Amazon, YouTube and Facebook alll have those solutions for their business users. We simply looked at those properties and features and applied it to Fades project brief.

Fades business model is an advertiser driven B2B model not for consumers, so we focused heavily on their layout and UI components including analytics. Fade has no direct competitors based on their unique offering.


  • Dashboards all have analytics and charts and features to analyse the data.
  • There are access and privilege levels assigned to users including who has administrative rights.
  • Administrators invite users to the platform.
  • Security protocols are put in place to prevent unauthorized access of the platform.
  • Campaign management features such as 'Create a Campaign', 'Start/Stop a Campaign'.

Comparative Analysis

Fades proposition is a unique technology and although there are similarites in the online ad space they do not have a direct competitor. We next looked at Amazon's Seller Central's dashboard. Their business model is not an advertishing based model but there are similarities in their solutions. This was to gather more data on how these solutions are designed, and to get more inspiration.

Persona:Meet Pamela Wu


Journey Map

In the image below we map the user journey of Pamela Wu, the Account Administrator, as she interacts with the proposed solution to accomplish various tasks.

User Need

Pamela Wu needs to set up her account in Fade Technology Solutions admi panel and be invite her team to use the system.


Design Thinking Workshop

We began our process by sketching low fidelity wireframes with pen and paper. Since the brief informed us of what the dashboard should look like, based on the examples provided, and the fact that we had no ability to do user research with participants, we just started sketching. The results were that we got early buyin from the client and we could procede to site-mapping and mid-fidelity wireframing.

User Flows

Fades user flow was touched on earlier at the journey map but here is a bit more detail showing how some users navigate on the platform. We focused on the primary flow, which is the 'Sign-Up' process for the platform. Below are the user flows that we designed.

Visual Design
Fade Login
Fade Login

Simple and Intuitive Dashboard

A simple and intuitive dashboard with all of the minimal features that Fade needs for its clients. These are the final design that the team and I came up with for Fade's dashboard. Desktop was primary so we did not design a mobile solution


Usability Testing

Finally, we conducted qualitative usability testing sessions with our clients to identify problems in our prototype, uncover opportunities and to discover users' behaviors and preferences. We worked from user testing scripts and guided our users to perform specific tasks. We conducted our sessions via Zoom and recorded the sessions.

Usability Testing
Results & Reflections

Work With What You Have

Dashboards are a challenging undertaking due to the data-visulization features and figuring out the best user experience for those components. In this particualr project we had to rely on the brief which gave us a lot of information to begin designing our solution and we were then able to validate our assumptions by usability-testing.