Case Study

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Case Study 1: BK Wine Cellar

BK Wine Cellar is a local wine store in Brooklyn (BK) that does not have a well designed website for its customers to be able to view its wine collection and order wine for delivery.



The challenge was to design and build a user-centered website for BK Wine Cellar that organized the wines in proper categories and provided navigation and search for the user to be able to easily find and purchase wines and have them delivered.


I was the lead UX designer, user researcher and information architect on this project. The project time frame was a 2 week sprint.

Tools & Methods Used

Closed card-sorting, contextual inquiry, affinity mapping, competitive analysis, wireframe sketches, low-fidelity prototyping, mid-fidelity prototyping and usability testing. Miro, Figma, Adobe CC. Adobe Color.


“I need to be able to order wines on the site” Local wine lovers want to be able to search the site – - by region, categories and varietals so that they can easily find and purchase their favorite wine/s and have it or ready for pickup at the store.


In our journey of discovery we conducted a closed card-sort and contextual inquiry for user research. I organized a small group of 5 people and took notes as they ordered wine from local retailers. As the gathering evolved the participants would order wine from their preferred local retailer and discuss what they liked about the site/app and/or the retailer’s collection. Insights gathered from those conversations included design ideas, colors, and features for the website.

The closed card-sort gave me insights on how the navigation should be organized. We gave 5 users specific categories to place the 75 inventory items into. We designed our navigation, search filters and pages from these insights. The choice of using a closed sort was to limit the categories to how wines are grouped in the industry by professionals.

Design Hypothesis

“BK Wine Cellar needs to design their website so that we can find our favorite wines and order them quickly.” We believe that by designing a well organized and easy to navigate site for BK Wine Cellar it will improve their online sales.


Design a responsive website for BK Wine Cellar where the content is well organized for wine buyers to find what they are looking for in the company inventory.

Activities & Deliverables

Deliver hi-fidelity wireframes, hi-fidelity working prototype with brand colors and fonts, and images.

Results & Reflections

We are working to complete the UX and visual design of the desktop and mobile sites for BK Wine Cellar. We have organized the wines into the proper wine categories for the users to find the wine that they want to purchase. The experience would be simple and seamless and fast as our users want to find wine, order it and have it delivered.

Flow Chart

Visual Design for Mobile - 3rd Iteration